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dreamwidth games.

This is the complete masterlist of roleplays on dreamwidth that accept Original Characters and Original Fandom Characters (this does not include whether they accept Canon-OCs such as the protagonists of the Pokémon games). If a RP is missing/factually incorrect, comment with the game's name in the subject heading and it will be added/edited!

Notes on Size:
Large - 116 characters and up
Medium - 51 - 115 characters
Small - up to 50 characters

[community profile] abaxcityPanfandomMystery/HorrorLargeNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] adstringendumPanfandomLargePlay Canon character for one month.
[community profile] anemoiPanfandomMemory LossSmallNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] arcanarumPanfandomFairytaleMediumNone.
[community profile] asgardeventidePanfandomMythology: NorseLargeNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] ataraxionPanfandomSci-fi/HorrorLargeNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] betenoire_rpPanfandomMature themedMediumNone.
[community profile] beyondtheriftPanfandomUrban Fantasy/Sci-fiMediumNone.
[community profile] carrieroPanfandomPsychiatric HospitalSmallNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] castleinthemistPanfandomSeries Based: IcoSmallNone known.
[community profile] city_of_keysPanfandomSteampunk, Sexual themedSmallNone.
[community profile] demeleierPanfandomFantasy/SurvivalMediumNone known.
[community profile] digital_divePanfandomLargeNone known.
[community profile] dirtyvegasrpPanfandomMediumMale only.
[community profile] distantskiesPanfandomMediumNone.
[community profile] eswareinmalPanfandomSmallNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] exitvoidPanfandomLargeApps closed unti August.
[community profile] exsiliumPanfandomMediumNone.
[community profile] gale_hospital_rpPanfandomPsychiatric Hospital/RehabSmallNone.
[community profile] gargleblastedPanfandomLargeNone.
[community profile] goraPanfandomMediumNone known.
[community profile] holloways_keepPanfandomMediumNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] imperial_sagaPanfandomAlternate UniverseMediumNone known.
[community profile] ink_cityPanfandomLargeAnimated icons needed.
[community profile] jarjammedPanfandomMediumNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] knightsoflegendPanfandomSmallNo OFCs; OCs from gameworld or DnD "Forgotten Realms".
[community profile] thelostgridPanfandom"Jurassic Park" Tron serverSmallNone.
[community profile] lost_woodsDressing RoomLoZ settingSmallNone known.
[community profile] lucetiPanfandomLargeNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] maisondeportesPanfandomMediumNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] mayfield_rpgPanfandomLargeNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] multiversalPanfandomMediumAll characters and players must be 18+.
[community profile] niteo_nixPanfandomSmallNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] pathwalksOC onlyHigh SchoolSmallNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] rakuenPanfandomMediumContact a mod first.
[community profile] realityshiftedPanfandomMediumno fandom OCs.
[community profile] sanctuaryofchange_rpPanfandomPost-ApocalypticSmallNone.
[community profile] singularityrpgPanfandomLargeNo fandom OCs, 1 canon character required first.
[personal profile] shadowmodsPanfandomSmallNone.
[community profile] skyofdiamondsPanfandomSmallNone.
[community profile] thusiaPanfandomLargeNone.
[community profile] towerofanimusPanfandomHorrorLargeNo fandom OCs.
[community profile] united_onePanfandomPokémon JamjarSmallNone.
[community profile] witchesreignPanfandomSmallNone.
[community profile] zenderael_olOC OnlySmallNone known.

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note (06/05/2012): a Genre section has been added. There is no need to comment with the updated version for games already on the list; I will be doing that myself.
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